National disrepute

Rustlings Road
Rustlings Road
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To all Sheffield residents who love Sheffield. I am very concerned about the tactics employed by Sheffield City Council in regard to Rustling Road tree felling.

It has brought international disrepute as well as national ridicule to deploy Orwellian tactics in the middle of the night taking cars, waking people up and arresting residents. What was Bryan Lodge thinking sanctioning this action?

It’s extraordinary that a Labour council would use such covert tactics to support unnecessary environmental destruction in this way. I hope that enough people comment on the tree strategy for you to listen.

There should be costed alternatives and environmental impact assessments when Amey propose to kill healthy trees with a 200-year lifespan and significantly larger crown area than the replacement 80-year lifespan trees.

This decision went against SCC’s own tree panel advice and national guidance. For what? The cost to keep these trees and build tree pits ramps was estimated to be £50,000. How much will this operation cost in police and court costs? Very sad. Please follow your own specialist panel guidance in future. Please don’t let this happen to the Rivelin Valley lime avenue.

Roo Allen

by email