Nanny state gone mad under Tories

Mat Hancock
Mat Hancock
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For a Government who when in opposition was so intent on damning the then Government administration with claims that they were trying to create a Nanny State, we have had yet another announcement from the Government which clearly demonstrates that we are now a nanny state gone mad under this Conservative administration.

Mat Hancock in the vein of suppressing and curtailing freedoms of thought and freedom of speech has issued a dictate with the aim of stopping a students union, a council or any other public body including the police probation service, schools, health services etc from using their discernment not to buy goods or services from what they have assessed or deemed to be unethical sources.

While it might be conceivable that on occasion the discernment of such bodies might not be fully informed nor free of bias in instances, the proposed imposition, as the leader of the opposition points out, runs the risk of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

It would suggest that the Government are the ones not demonstrating discernment, as under their dictates public authorities will be forcibly hamstrung to procure services and goods from the unethical and quite possibly those doing harm, including companies dallying in the arms trade, tobacco companies or other areas.

This government may be wiser to think back to their positions when in opposition and how they condemned the then Government for their introduction of policy on health and wellbeing and equality by wrongfully claiming that these developments were the nanny state control.

Anyone can see that we have had far more state interventions to control and dismantle freedoms under this administration than in any other since Thatcher.

So much for freedom of thought and freedom of speech under this Nanny state.

Patrick Meleady

by email