Mystery on the Green

Box on the green
Box on the green
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I thought you might be interested in this mystery.

Despite a couple of annoying thefts of plants from Walkley Green and St Mary’s Church on South Road, it could be that someone has planted something in return.

Tomatoes on the green

Tomatoes on the green

There are now two tomatoes in a raised bed on the green, though they are probably too early for Walkley Horticultural Show on Saturday, September 23.

Another problem would be who would claim the certificate.

To add to the edible theme, the other raised bed contains a mini herb garden.

The green areas in Walkley are looked after by the Walkley Gardeners who have merged from the volunteers tending the gardens at the Library, St Mary’s and the War Memorial as well as the Green.

Many of them have happy memories of past Walkley Horticultural Shows, so decided that it was time for a reincarnation.

A more likely reason for the gate-crashing tomatoes is a stray tomato pip in a packet of wall-flowers that was spotted by one of the gardeners as being out of place.

Even if these two specimens don’t qualify we are urging Walkley Residents to enter their produce for the show.

Entry forms along with the rules and regulations are be available from Beech’s, Gerry’s, Walkley library or email

Chris Reece

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