My uncle, the pikelet man

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P King, S20, asked in the letters page if anyone remembered the pikelet man.

I believe he would have been my Uncle Bill, (Dawson).

He lived at Owlerton and had a little bakehouse at the rear of his home where he made oatcakes, pikelets and scones.

He could often be seen riding along Penistone Road heading for town.

He was part of the Dawson family who had a bakehouse in Alexander Road from the 1800s, which is now part of Heeley City Farm.

Eric Dawson and his sons, John and Peter, carried on the business.

Sadly John is the only one left, but he is still making the oatcakes with another family member, and you can still get them if you go to the Moor Market where a couple of the bakery stalls sell them.

Uncle Bill was a lovely, gentle man, and he is sadly missed by all of us.

Mary Hartley