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Could I thank Mr Fowler (Ted if I may) for taking the trouble to respond to my previous letter.

I hope that I too may be allowed a reply.

I think anyone reading a letter which opens by saying that the author has identified six major problems of local concern and that these problems may, in the writer’s opinion, be easily resolved, is reasonably entitled to expect that the body of the letter will contain at least a précis of those solutions.

I am afraid, Ted, that your letter came nowhere close to this.

With regard to your reply I agreed with you on fining people who park around schools so I’m not really sure why you mention this again.

The targeting of areas where there is an acute litter problem may be a solution but this still leaves four of your original six items unanswered.

Saying that you have complained does not really count.

Likewise, to say that you have written previously about these matters may well be true but you cannot assume that people must therefore be aware of your proposals.

I have seen your name on a number of letters but I do not think that I could take a quiz on your expressed opinions.

Stephen Crowther