My heart bleeds for you

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My heart bleeds for MS Woodhead after reading about her terrible journey from Manchester to Sheffield.

She says the seats were facing the wrong way. Ye Gods, I hope the driver’s seat was facing the correct way.

The journey was noisy. Was that because of the train or the other passengers speaking in loud voices? Why did she not tell them to be quiet?

She does not complain about having to travel with strangers, I notice.

It was hot, even though the windows were open. We do some times get warm weather in this country, regrettable I know. I did once travel overnight to Fort William when there was ice around the door opening.

She says this would not be tolerated in London and the south east.

Does this mean their seats all face forward? What happens when the train is returning to London, always assuming one can get a seat? Has MS Woodhead ever been on Waterloo station at 11pm wondering where the 10.45pm train to Guildford is?

And all those people speaking foreign languages, don’t they know in England we speak English?

Have you seen the size of the stations? One can go past Farncombe without knowing it was there.

She says she will not be travelling by rail again. Well, that is her choice. I just hope she can get her car out of the garage when the snow arrives. And the roads are clear.

Anne Diver

Highcliffe Court, Greystones