Mutiny in the Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
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It has been reported that Jeremy Corbin faces a full-blown coup attempt by members of Labour’s shadow cabinet and “mutinous” parliamentary Labour Party. Apparently, they are of the opinion that it is Jeremy’s fault that millions of Labour voters ignored their leader’s advice to vote in favour of continued membership of the EU.

The sniping at Jeremy is nothing new and the people involved have, at every opportunity, demonstrated their contempt for the 59.5 percent of the membership who voted to make Jeremy leader of the Labour Party by attacking him. Many of these dissidents are the very people who have contributed to us losing the last two elections and, in the past, have lost us many of our long serving Labour members, including our Scottish support, because of their past, and continuing, conservative attitudes and policies when in, and out of, government. For many of us, Jeremy’s election was a very welcome breath of fresh air and I know that many disaffected members returned to the Party because of his election.

In the past, traditional Labour voters have deserted the Labour Party because of the disillusionment they have felt as these dissidents pursued the middle England traditional Conservative vote, in and out of government, yet the dissidents want to blame Jeremy for the support for Brexit by areas that have been mainly traditional Labour voters. Jeremy was only elected as leader last September. Some of the dissidents have either been in government, or in the shadow cabinet, for many years but having alienated so many previous Labour supporters they have done nothing, or very little, to try to keep or regain their support, however, somehow, the dissidents say that Jeremy is to blame for Brexit’s attraction for previous Labour supporters and that he did not do enough to convert them to ‘Remain’ voters.

The understandable desertion of so many traditional Labour supporters may also have been influenced by the Labour Party hierarchy’s commitment to the illegal invasion of Iraq and its appalling aftermath. I think that this latest attack on Jeremy, at a time when we should be gearing up for a possible general election, or to help to minimise any negative effects of Brexit and determine what our relationship should be with the European Union, shows that the dissidents/cabinet resigners (and their friends) are more concerned about fighting to force their New Labour right wing values, again, on the Party rather than caring about the supporters, members and the future of the Labour Party.

The Labour Party needs to work to get our support back in all areas by being a real Labour Party and not a watered down version of the Conservative Party, with MPs who have forgotten what party they are in, and we need to work hard to help establish good ongoing relations with the European Union.

Let’s leave these resigners, and their friends, to their petty personal ambitions and conspiracies and get on with trying to make this country a better place for everyone, especially the less well off in our society.

Patrick Hogan

Waterthorpe Rise, S20