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Firth park
Firth park
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Gill Furniss MP has a lot to learn. In response to the news that Firth Park has become a war zone, (The Star, Monday, May 16), she says “Any victims of crime should report it to South Yorkshire Police straight away. It’s very important all crimes are logged.”

Logging crimes seems to be the furthest limit of the police’s capabilities these days. Unfortunately the only effect it has is to push up household and motor insurance premiums for anyone with an S5 postcode. Had Gill Furniss given some indication that arrests will follow and perpetrators will be locked up for a very long time, the people of Firth Park and surrounding areas might have been able to sleep more easily in their beds. As it stands, Gill Furniss has shown herself to be part of an ongoing problem rather than part of an imminent solution.

Neville Martin

Castledine Gardens, Sheffield S9