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It was most interesting to read Susan Griffin’s article, (the Star, February 13), on the series Vinyl about Juno Temple, who plays an assistant to a recording company, set in New York in the 1970s.

The 10-part series, Vynyl, is directed by Martin Scorsese, but produced by Sir Mick Jagger, based apparently on his hedonistic experiences with the Rolling Stones.

In Bill Wyman’s autobiography, A Stone Alone, (1989), he recounts an episode, during the Stones debut tour, of Britain, September-October, 1963.

The Stones were apparently in a coffee bar in Chapel Walk, prior to their appearance, at Sheffield City Hall, (Wyman descibes Barkers Pool, and the war memorial).

When the Stones fans saw their idols, they besieged the coffee bar.

Steven Davis

West View Lane, Totley Rise, S17

The old ones are the best

Nice one Big Ian, your reminisce reminds me of years ago when I was a coach driver and delivered some fans to Hillsborough for a match.

I got chatting to another driver and discovered he had just dropped off 40 fans from Middlewood Hospital just up the road.

How do you get them all back when the game is over?

Easy he says, I just get the first 40 to come out of the ground.

The old ones are the best.

John (Unitedite) Griffin