More reasons to say ‘non’

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Have you ever wondered why French farmers can export their produce to Britain at a lower price than our farmers can produce it, so much so that hundreds of our farmers have to sell their farms as they cannot make a living?

We have to go back to the earliest days of the Common Market when we asked to join but De Gaulle said “Non.’’

As soon as he had the Common Agricultural Policy ( CAP) in place which benefitted his inefficient farmers he said “Oui’’.

Sure enough, to this day, according to a BBC report, French farming takes the major share of the CAP funding at 17 per cent, with the UK getting seven per cent.

We soon found out that the cheap food we had imported from our Commonwealth was hit by high tariffs, so we had to turn to the Common Market, which meant buying from French farmers who had such high subsidies through CAP that they could produce food at a fraction of the cost to our farmers.

Not only did this hit our farmers hard, but it also hit consumers too. It is calculated that an average family of four pays around £1,000 a year in higher food prices because of our membership of the EU.

More reasons to Vote Leave.

Val Hobson

Sheffield, S10