More council job cuts

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Happy Tory days again, another 400 jobs to go at Sheffield Council and 200 at Rotherham. Thats on top of those hundreds that have already been consigned to the scrap heap since 2010. Only four miles apart both councils recruit from the same catchment area, so that good jobs lost, reducing people’s ability to spend because really there are few decent jobs here, only low paid ones.

This will inpact on the shops and all public services including hospitals. You throw people out of good jobs, then that brings in less income tax, as a result they cut more jobs because they need to save money to make up the loss of tax and the payment of benefits for folks now unemployed... madness. I think everyone who voted Tory should hang their heads in shame, because they knew exactly what they would get from this government. But not to worry... all those rich countries abroad will continue to get their share of the taxes we pay, while our people suffer. Oh and don’t be surprised if we start letting in these unaccompanied children in Calais into the UK, (how did they get to Calais on their own?), that their relatives suddenly come out of the woodwork applying to come here to be with these kids because it’s “Their Human Rights to be a family”. Then councils will have to make more cuts to save the money to house and feed them. Only those with good jobs and money, living in a parallel world to the rest of us, can be happy with this country now.


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