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Lee Johnson (Letetrs, May 20) us Sheffield United fans are very excited about all our new signings.

Sheffield Wednesday spent £20 million on players, including half that amount on Jordan Rhodes, a striker who would not take a penalty.

Is that money well spent at the end of the day?

Spending big achieved nothing for your club.

We are now both in the same division so the answer to your question is spending big doesn’t always work as all you Wednesday fans now know.

You should be questioning Carlos Carvalhal about his signings, not Chris Wilder.

At least he has achieved promotion, Carlos hasn’t.

Sharron Challoner

by email

Didn’t get them far

Lee Johnson states how much Wednesday spent on players (letters, May 20) in his comments on the players Chris Wilder has brought in at Sheffield United.

Well, it didn’t get Wednesday far.

As for Jordan Rhodes, he wasn’t such a good buy as he hasn’t scored the expected goals and he had several chances in the play-off at Hillsborough, and refused to take a penalty as ‘he didn’t feel confident’.

It’s not how much a manager spends, as has been proven in the Premier League, but the quality of the player.

Let’s just see what next season brings, shall we?



Double standards

I notice there have been more letters about the licence for Spearmint Rhino, following on from an article by an unnamed columnist.

This was clearly a lady, with certain views about things she didn’t like, having a rant and making all sorts of unsubstantiated assertions, such as women not knowing where their husbands were.

Well, they could be at the pub, at work, at a football match, in A&E following an accident, but not necessarily in Spearmint Rhino.

She clearly had her opinion of women who worked there, too.

I have attached an advertisement that is clearly aimed at ladies.

The columnist can explain how many men are sat at home wondering where their womenfolk are. She can explain why the venue concerned is that much different to Spearmint Rhino, considering the content of the advertisement, and why she doesn’t comment adversely when it applies to men as she did when it applied to women?

Personally, I have never been in Spearmint Rhino, I just don’t like double standards from the self-appointed guardians of our morals.



Young trees take more CO2

The debate about trees in Sheffield being cut down, continues.

I don’t know all the details, but I assume the roots of these trees are causing problems with pipes and paths.

I also assume that they will be replaced by new smaller types of trees.

Susan Richardson, like others, mistakenly thinks this will be detrimental with regard to CO2 being taken up by the trees.

In fact, it has been proven where new tree planting has taken place in the rain forests, that young trees take up more CO2 than mature trees.



Choice of words

It was reported by the news media, (May 27, 2017), that the broadcaster Katie Hopkins was leaving her talk radio show on LBC ‘immediately’.

While no explanation has currently been given by the station for her departure, press reports cite her using the expression ‘Final Solution’ – in relation to the perpetrators of the Manchester bombing as the reason.

Complaints have been made that her choice of words was extremely offensive, and they have been interpreted by some as wishing for a repetition of what happened in Nazi Germany with their mass extermination of the Jews and disabled.

Nobody should advocate and condone a repetition of such horrendous and reprehensible conduct, yet taken in a different context, the words ‘Final Solution’ do indeed apply to the current wave of bombings throughout the world.

‘Final’ in the sense that they must be brought to an end and ‘Solution’ in how to bring this about.

Unfortunately for Katie Hopkins, history dictates that ‘Final Solution’ will always be associated with the Nazi atrocity, whether or not she had this in mind when uttering her fateful words.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Ne’er cast a clout…

Before being humiliatingly denied her cherished hard EU exit mandate, Theresa May said that Jeremy Corbyn would find himself “alone and naked in the negotiating chamber”.

Ne’er cast a clout till May is out?

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield S35

Give the lad his chance

Reading Dom Howson’s piece on George Hirst, I could not believe he is suggesting he goes on loan next season, why?

He’s just scored 40 goals and it’s goals the Owls need plus he’s an England player, if he’s good enough he’s old enough.

Tthink back to George Best, Norman Whiteside, Wayne Rooney, they were good enough at 18.

Why pay £10 million for Jordan Rhodes, a striker scared to take penalties when the team needed him.

Come on, give the lad his chance.

CH Beck

Fullwood Road, S10

Language or lack of it?

Having watched various European competitions this week one thing hits me full in the face and that is how removed we are language wise.

All the foreign footballers, all the foreign tennis players, all have no problem speaking English, but when Andy Murry talks to the French media we need an interpreter.

Very strange.

John Vintin

by email

We are not interested

The Daily Mail was in a tizz over Pippa’s million pound wedding.

Her sister married into royalty, that doesn’t mean that Pippa is a member of the monarchy.

The way the papers and news went on about it, it’s just stupid.

Good luck to all the people who got married, but can we forget about the the Daily Mail’s obsession with the Middletons.

Jayne Grayson

by email