Money is not getting where it’s needed

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The old saying of charity begins at home certainly comes into its own when referring to the Foreign Aid payments made to charities.

The fat cats who run these charities are taking hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money in salaries even before any is allocated to actual aid.

While these people rake in thousands you have the people at the bottom of the pile who actually work voluntarily for these charities, pounding the pavements in all weathers, working in the charity shops, without a thought of payment.

It’s no wonder we have celebrities on the TV asking for donations for blankets, hats, tents and wells, while all the time aid money is not even getting where it’s needed.

The celebs should start and ask themselves “am I helping the people in need or just getting people to donate their hard-earned money to pay fat cat salaries.

This is not just one charity doing this, it seems the majority pay vast amounts on “administrative” costs.

There should be a cap on how much charity bosses can take out of foreign aid.


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