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Bus seating
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I have been a mobility scooter user for over two years now and enjoy getting about through using many bus services around Sheffield.

But, one small problem I have, and I am sure other users have, is getting into the area allocated for us.

If there is no-one in the opposite seats, it is not a problem – the issue is when there is a buggy or something similar.

This is because of the ‘pillar’ which reduces manoeuvrability considerably, in particular on the buses of one of major company and some of the smaller ones.

For me, the solution is to take it out and replace it with a pull-down arm rest, like they do on some TM Travel buses.

I am sure the ‘pillar’ does not help hold the ceiling, so I would have thought it would be easy to remove.

By making it easier to park in the allocated space it also helps reduce the time spent at a bus stop while waiting for us to be in position and stops holding up other passengers getting on or off the bus.

Should any of the companies wish to discuss this with me, they can contact me via email at

Greg Fletcher

Brier Close, Sheffield, S20