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Footpath repairs
Footpath repairs
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Come on Sanctuary Housing, this is on your patch.

Get these cowboys back and make them do the job properly.

It’s not just shoddy it’s downright laziness. They just couldn’t be bothered to get the same colour asphalt.

Can you see this happen, say, outside Buckingham Palace? No you couldn’t, or is it OKbecause it’s only Shiregreen?

To save you looking all over the estate, it’s situated at the junction of Oaksfold Road and Concord Road.

Oh, and you might want to have a look at the state of the road humps and the grass verges while you’re there.

I’ll bet it’s not what the bosses at Sanctuary envisaged when they decided to renovate the whole estate.

Ted Fowler

by email

Derogatory comments

Perhaps Lee Johnson is quite capable of carrying out his transactions at an ATM in just a couple of minutes.

But does he not consider that the ATM user, who he feels he has to malign, may have been either physically or mentally impaired?

Perhaps the person has rheumatic fingers, maybe they suffer from MS or Parkinson’s for example, or they may have difficulty with processing figures.

There are many reasons for someone taking their time.

It is certainly not for Lee Johnson to go and make derogatory comments about them.

Keith Elliott

by email

Murderer not a terrorist

Is Darren Osbourne a terrorist or just a person who has seen all the news coverage of Manchester and the Tower Bridge incidents and just cracked?

A married man with children, was he thinking of all the children killed at Manchester and relating this to his own children when he drove the van at the worshipers leaving the mosque?

There’s been no news of police searching his home and finding terror literature, programmes on his computer or any other terrorism paraphernalia.

There’s been no police searches of family and friends’ homes, no other arrests announced.

So I would say don’t class him in the same band of murderers.

Just as a person who has had some sort of breakdown, maybe, a “murderer”, not a terrorist.


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Seems very unfair to me

The burka, each to their own, wear one, don’t wear one, your choice.

But today having been standing next to a lady wearing one in this blistering heat I wonder why they have to be trussed up head to toe? Her eyes were just barely showing, it was jet black, she must have been sweating underneath it.

The man she was with had a T-shirt on, showing his legs in shorts, flip flops keeping the feet cool.

I just wonder why she’s covered up yet he’s not?

Seems very unfair to me.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Some fond memories

I do enjoy the Retro section in Tuesday’s Star, it brings back fond memories of my favourite era.

But what made me laugh was a couple of stories in this week’s section – one was about Sheffield being above Leeds in a combination of friendliness, beautiful girls, sporting prowess, civic and private enterprise.

Also Sheffield’s air was cleaner.

The other point was about free parking close to the city centre, I say free because it now costs an arm and a leg for a couple of hours.

Just goes to show how much 40 years can make so much difference, no such thing as clean air, and certainly no free parking and Leeds outshining Sheffield yet again.



It is their choice

I would think rivalry of football fans is the same in every city, in response to Ted Fowler, June 15.

Further I am not a Wednesday or United fan, neither am I 50 or 60 either.

Plus if people want to write about football, it is their choice.

Lee Johnson

by email

Poem: Rejoice

Rejoice! Rejoice! and jump for joy

People have seen through Theresa’s wicked ploy

They’ve seen through her artful plan

Her hopes are now flushed down the pan

Soak the poor, reward the rich

Have now been met with an awful hitch

And what of Jeremy the loser, according to the right wing press

He, as much as anyone, helped bring about the Tory distress

The Murdoch media derided Labour

Whilst pouring on Theresa all their favour

So she talked the talk looking smug

Thinking she could take the electorate for a mug

But when it came to walking the walk she found it hard

In the end being “hoist by her own petard”

Like her predecessor, Cameron, she’s heading for a fall

Both of them having dropped giant balls

She decided to put all her eggs in one basket

And just like him, dropping a ricket over “Brexit”

A media that accused Jezza of making a deal with the SNP

Now finds itself defending a Tory deal with the DUP

A deal that seems to speak volumes to me

It’s one of complete DUPlicity

At the final count she ran out of luck

Finding herself now in a place where “Stops the BUCK”

PS. May I suggest the mantra the Tories brought to the table

Should have read “A STRONG smell of the STABLE!

Alan Lockwood

by email

BT phone boxes

It’s sad to see BT phone boxes, well, what is left of them, in a state of neglect.

In their heyday they were used by nearly everyone.

A team of phonebox cleaners were there every day.

Now alas their days are numbered.

But surely BT could keep what is left in a clean and well-maintained condition or remove them.

Thus depriving the people who don’t possess a mobile or house phone the means of communicating.

EB Warris

by email