Miracles do happen

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The other day I wrote a letter to the Star about the state of the road junction at Nethergreen cross roads, a trench had been dug at the cross roads but had deteriorated very quickly.

This week I noticed someone had been and put yellow marks around the damaged area.

I jokingly remarked that it would be best if motorists avoided this area because it would be days before it was repaired.

Guess what, miracles do happen.

I drove over the offending trench, to my surprise it had been repaired over night Wednesday.

Lets see how longs it lasts.



Bus fare cuts more likely

Labour’s big plan if they win the next election is to give free school meals paid for by taxing parents who send their kids to private school.

I think the parents who can afford private school shouldn’t worry. As if Labour will ever win again with Jeremy in charge.

Oh look, the bus fares have come down, that’s more likely than Labour ever taking power again.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Food for thought

While recently reading John Kay’s book, Other People’s Money: Masters of The Universe or Servants of The People?, I came across the following quote regarding American President Harry Truman and the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee.

Namely: “Truman ‘would take no fees’ for commercial endorsements or for lobbying or writing letters or making phone calls. He ‘would accept no consulting fees’. ‘Had it not been for the fact that I was able to sell some property that my brother, sister, and I inherited from our mother (said Truman), I would be practically on relief, but with the sale of that property I am not financially embarrassed’.

Meanwhile, Kay points out that Clement Attlee died in 1967, leaving an estate of £7,295.

Seemingly quite a contrast in attitude regarding the avoidance of conflicts of interest vis-à- vis modern day politicians, senior civil servants and military in general and ex-Chancellor George Osborne in particular, is it not?

Just what benefit do organisations gain from hearing ex-politicians, for example, speak on the worldwide lecture circuit in return for ridiculously high appearance fees?

What actual advantage is there to employing retired politicians and other senior public sector figures as non-executive directors at princely rates, to attend meetings a few times a year for a couple of hours at a time?

Often after having taken early retirement with full generous pension on grounds of ill health and hence unfitness for work; only to then appear to make a miraculous recovery; thus enabling them to take on their seemingly new-found duties after being “head- hunted”.

In office many of them would have been instrumental in enacting increasingly draconian legislation aimed at curbing public assistance for terminally/seriously ill and genuinely disabled people.

Is it simply cynical to suspect that such positions are granted as a reward for previous services rendered such as the passing of favourable corporate and personal legislation and awarding of contracts when in office?

Or rewards for having successfully influenced decsion-making in favour of their clients via the parliamentary lobbying process?

Similarly, if MPs take on consultancy work in addition to their constituency and parliamentary duties (a full-time job in itself one would have thought) then why do they need to be paid generous sums in return and precisely for what?

Food for thought as “they” say?

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield, S36

False readings

The facts and figures showing crime in the Parson Cross area cannot be a true representation of actual fact.

I remember the time when the public were really fed up with 2020 as a crime reporting number.

Today I believe that number has been overtaken by 101 which many callers will have got fed up with.

“We are sorry but we are experiencing high numbers of calls just now. If the call is not important please call later or dial 999.”

I wonder if the telephone is always so busy?

What are they talking about if it is not crime-related?


Parson Cross reident

No Saint Patrick’s Day?

So St Patrick’s day has come and gone and I’m still waiting to see photos and interviews from the Tent in Fargate.

Just why was it ignored?

It’s a fantastic event for the Sheffield Irish and also other people in the City, even though it was rainy and cold.

I had sewn cut-out green felt of shamrocks, shillelaghs and just perfect little leprechauns.

My friends Paddy O’Sorsby and Shamus O’Dawson were also suitable attired.

We danced, we jigged, we step danced, Michael Flattley would have cowered in a corner, we kept an eye out for the Star photographer but he was nowhere to be seen.

We went down The Rocky Road To Dublin and on to The Old Bog Road and ended up Down By The Sally Gardens.

The Guinness flowed like the contents of a ruptured crude oil tank, the singing and the friendliness could be touched and held but nothing in the Star, why?

It’s the biggest and most celebrated day in the world, the Americans paint their streets green, they dye their rivers the same colour, they dye their cats, dogs, chickens, even their babies.

After Tramlines it’s the biggest event in Sheffield’s calendar.

B’jeezzus Nancy, please have the event covered next year.

I have to finish off now as I have to have a white spirit bath to remove the Emerald Green gloss paint from my body.

I know it’s not water-based but it was buy-one-can- get-one-free!

Vin Malone

by email

Council moaners

First, let me make it quite clear that I have nothing to do with Sheffield City Council whatsoever and I have no business poking my nose in their affairs , but hardly a day goes by without some resident criticising this Labour run Council on everything from roads, trees, repairs, bins etc, on these pages.

The answer is simple, if Sheffield residents are unhappy with their representatives yet content in returning their local Labour Councillors at elections they should at least suggest sending them up the road to my Labour Council, Barnsley MBC, to learn how a Council should be run. I am sure there could be some arrangement made in training up these Sheffield councillors, for a small fee of course, to the same standard as we expect and have got here in the Barnsley area.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74