Mess left is astonishing

Replacement tree
Replacement tree
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I am writing to thank MD of S10 for highlighting the disgraceful mess that has been left near the corner of Rustlings Road since before Christmas, (March 21, Sort This Disgrace Out).

MD is right – it is astonishing that this mess was not proactively cleaned up either before or when by the council’s Streets Ahead team and their contractor Amey came to put in the so-called replacements for some of the felled trees on Rustlings Road.

They were working directly opposite the mess.

Here is a photo of a so-called replacement tree at the corner of Rustlings Road.

The mature, healthy and structurally sound tree which stood there before for over 115 years, and could have lived at least another 100 years, was named Delilah by locals.

Louise Wilcockson


Graves parking

What a great facility we have now at Norton with the new leisure centre, it’s brilliant.

But, there’s always a but isn’t there, and that is parking is very difficult.

Reading in the Star regarding the new planned retail outlet, I read others had this problem there too.

Someone who comes to my class is a member and one Friday they weren’t even allowed in the car park because a tennis event was on.

“Well, get the bus” some of you may say, but I’ve been referred there by the doctor as I’m having walking problems, so getting to the bus stop then walking from the bus stop up there is quite a way and is painful.

Obviously parking on the road is impossible as it’s a dual carriageway.

Can’t see how much parking space there will be for the new outlet either but I’m still looking forward to it opening.

A Morton


Oughtibridge traffic danger

I also travel frequently down Station Lane in Oughtibridge and have no problem whatsoever with the pedestrian crossing.

When moving off from a junction you should always make sure that it is clear in both directions.

S Thompson simply needs to turn his head to the left before setting off and all will be well.

As for the siting of the crossing it had to be there otherwise a crossing would be needed on Bridge Hill, one on the other side of the junction on Orchard Street and one at the bottom of Station Lane.

Is this sensible?

They would all then be ignored as pedestrians nipped across to the bus stop anyway.

A Sheldon


Relics in the Town Hall

Of late there has been much talk of spare rooms inside the Sheffield Town Hall to be set aside for a library, but a far better use would be to use those empty rooms for a museum.

They’d not have to look far for relics either for the present-day Town Hall is full of relics, from the Sheffield housing staff down to wannabe OAP care staff, some hardly out of their nappies, but knowing more about life than any OAP who has lived through WW2.

Pete Godfrey


Sympathy for the bishop

So Alan Heath has great sympathy for Bishop Philip – well perhaps he needs to re-read his own letter – when he says that “those who opposed the appointment did not do so because of differing views but they consider that Bishop North’s beliefs about the ordination of women would have inveitably...”.

As they didn’t even give the man a chance – how do they know what the inevitability would be – they didn’t even consider the vote of confidence in him by 38 women clergy who have worked with and alongside him in Burnley.

Mr Heath also says that “these beliefs have been accepted by the C of E”.

I think he will find that the whole of the C of E did not accept them and that was the reason for the five guiding principles that were put in place.

Mr Heath also talks about “discrimination” well – discrimination covers more than women clergy, it covers a vast range of things including discrimination against faith and discrimination against male priests and male Bishops and has just been shown to be so in the light of this event.

Every Christian can faithfully attend a Church, where there is a male priest in place, who does not believe in the ordination of women.

However, if like so many lay women Christians you do not believe in the ordination of women, then, because of your belief, you are discriminated against.

When a female is put in charge of your parish, you either have to stop going to church, which for the deeply faithful is not an option, or you have to travel to a church which respects your beliefs.

This has happened and is happening throughout the land and if that’s not discrimination then I don’t know what is.

Anne Palmer

Richmond Road, Sheffield, S13

Who’d be a councillor?

Richard Blackledge on behalf of the Star comments on the resignation of Leigh Bramall and refers to the abuse and insults he received.

Much of this abuse and insult of councillors is routinely expressed in the letters columns of the Star. Little is informed or measured.

It is as if it is not possible that the council has any public benefit in mind, that there is no competence or sense at work in the council, that there is no honour in public service.

The same level of vituperation and lack of respect is directed at South Yorkshire Police, MPs and social workers.

Should we be surprised that councillors resign and seek a better way of working, that MPS are attacked, police seek redundancy?

The truth of people in public service is that the vast majority are doing it to improve the lives of the rest of us, with honourable intent, in difficult complex circumstances.

Mistakes are made. How can they not be? But good work is done much of the time, with too little recognition of their contribution.

We are talking of sad and dangerous attacks on those who operate our democracy and our law.

I am not advocating naive admiration. What we hear so often at the moment is insensitive, ill-informed, inconsiderate and unfair. And who would be a councillor in receipt of that?

David Allen


Thanks to refuse teams

A big thank you to all the Sheffield council refuse collectors.

Nothing seems to daunt them. Without their dedication and determination to get on with the job we would be over run with rubbish, so well done to the lads and lasses of Sheffield cleansing department.

EB Warris