Memories of toll bar and haunted house

Newfield Hall
Newfield Hall
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Your article about Gleadless Valley in Midweek Retro brings back memories of when I lived in Myrtle Springs, which is only 10 minutes’ walk from Newfield Hall and Farm that are now demolished.

Newfield Hall, pictured, was the haunted house to us as kids.

The farmer, George Lawson, had a farm just above Newfield Hall, that he ran with his son.

It was opposite Hurlfield Hill, where there is now a nursing home.

Sometime just after the war George left his son in charge of the farm and he moved into Newfield Farm.

The hall and the farm were demolished in the 1950s to accommodate the Gleadless Valley estate.

At the top of Gleadless Road, as it starts flattening out, is Myrtle Springs and the old toll bar was operated by a lady called Mrs Darby.

The price to go up or down was 1d per wheel.

Just further up on the opposite side of Gleadless Road there was a large stone detached house that belonged to the Patnick family.

Further down Gleadless Road past Daresbury Road, was the Upper Heeley WMC and just past this club was the Prospect View Hotel.

This pub was nicknamed The Cuckoo because you could hear cuckoos in both Buck Wood and Rollestone Wood.

The barrels of beer were kept on trestles because the pub did not have a cellar.

J Bull

Sheffield 5