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The recent incidents at Spital Hill, Burngreave, (Star, June 23), in which violence erupted between gangs of Kurdish and Somali men resulting in a man being shot and a teenage boy being stabbed highlights a deep-rooted problem that has existed for some time.

These are the kind of violent, low-life scumbags that we do not want in our country but Sheffield, the City of Sanctuary, astonishingly sees fit to welcome people like this to live in our city.

A shop owner on Spital Hill said he wanted to install CCTV outside his shop a few years ago but was “warned off by a terrifying gang”. One has to ask why there hasn’t been a clampdown on this volatile situation before now and positive action taken to stop these vicious thugs from terrorising the community and causing decent, law-abiding people to live in fear?

As a born-and -bred Sheffielder it saddens me to see certain areas of our city turned into lawless, crime-infested ghettos where once they were regarded as desirable places in which to live where respectable people took a pride in their homes and communities. That of course was way back in distant times when the drug culture, gun and knife crime, vandalism, rubbish-strewn streets and antisocial behaviour were unknown.

We have been repeatedly told that Sheffield is a safe city and that violence and criminality will absolutely not be tolerated, however we have seen a sharp increase in criminal activity on our streets including the ongoing problems at Page Hall and Fir Vale and a mass brawl at Hunter’s Bar. The recent terrorist attacks and the dramatic increase in gun and knife crime across the country has made all our cities far more dangerous places with Sheffield being no safer than anywhere else.

While I have the greatest admiration for our over-stretched police force and the very difficult job they do on limited resources, it would appear that they have been far too lenient in these areas and reluctant to take the necessary action to deal with the perpetrators for fear of upsetting the ethnic community and being accused of ‘racism’. The police need to regain control and establish their authority in these troubled neighbourhoods. In New York there was a spectacular drop in violent crime when Rudy Giuliani became Mayor in 1994 and adopted a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy which should be used to tackle the problems we have in Sheffield.

What I find most disturbing is that the police and Sheffield City Council have allowed this dangerous situation to escalate out of control and many places have become ‘no-go’ areas which is totally unacceptable. The mayhem and the shame these violent gangs are inflicting on our city with their criminal behaviour must not be allowed to continue or we will see anarchy ruling our streets.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

Not another silence

I was driving my car this morning (Monday, June 26) listening to the radio when the announcer on BBC Radio 2 informed us that the country was observing a one-minute silence for the victim and people affected by the incident at the Finsbury Mosque.

Now I know I may court some controversy here but my immediate thought was ‘not another one’ .

I wonder how many people were thinking the same?

My question is, who actually makes the decision to hold a minute silence ?

It only seems to be for fatalities which have been particularly newsworthy.

Being realistic, people die every day in all sorts of circumstances and they all have an impact on the friends and family of the deceased. Shouldn’t all these people be respected in equal measure?

I personally feel that we are turning everyone into serial mourners and on many occasions the one-minute silence is becoming rather tacky and under-valued.

I understand that groups, clubs, football teams etc hold a minute’s silence (or applause) for a fallen member when they get together but when involving the entire country it should just be Remembrance Day and very major events.

Phil Howling

Smithywood Crescent, Sheffield S8

Dangerous prisoner

One of the monsters who butchered Lee Rigby has been listed as the most dangerous prisoner in Britain.

He’s not being monitored as the resources are not there to monitor him, and he’s been teaching inmates his idea of Islam.

This brute and the other who killed that poor lad shouldn’t be in contact with any human beings, they should be locked up in solitary constantly with only a bucket for the loo, one meal a day and no comforts .

Our taxes are letting them live it up in prison and I don’t think they’re worth it.

I don’t agree with the death penalty but for scum like these I say yes.

Jayne Grayson

by email

It’s not rocket science

In response to Keith Elliott, June 23, I am quite capable of carrying out my transactions at a bank machine in a matter of seconds.

It is isn’t rocket science.

It has nothing to do with illness or disability, plus I am entitled to my opinion.

Lee Johnson

by email

Why all the cladding?

Why is cladding on high-rise buildings necessary in the first place?

Is it there to cover up defects, is it there to swell the coffers of the contractors, is it there to make the building more attractive to the area?

The high rise in Sheffield survived very well before the cladding was installed and no problems as far as the public were made aware, so why?

EB Warris

by email

The Regent Court flats

Have you ever lived in Regent Court flats, Bradfield Road, Hillsborough?

This year Regent Court will be 80 years old, and the Regent Court Owners and residents Association will be celebrating this with an event in September.

We are writing the history and would like to record events and reminiscences of those who live and work in this iconic bulding, in the past and at present.

If you have any memories or experiences you would like to share or as an ex-resident you would like to attend this event, please contact Anne Eckford, (Hon Sec), or write to me at The Committee Room, Ground Floor, West Wing, Regent Court, Bradfield Road, Sheffield, S6 2BT.

Anne Eckford


Ban world aid funds

The Prime Minister must now make an unbroken law to ban all Britain’s world aid funds for an X number of years until every tower block in the UK has sprinkler systems, proper fire alarms, external emergency ladders similar to the ones in the USA and fire proof cladding.

J Bull

Sheffield 5