Maybe less is more

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I don’t like to read stories about children being brought up in poverty – it upsets me, as it would anyone with a heart.

Life is very expensive, bringing children up is a serious financial commitment that will last for many, many years.

I just think that sometimes having children when there’s not much money about is not a good idea.

Yes, you could be working, you lose your job, you have children, making ends meet will be hard but how many times do we hear of families on benefits with several kids who are struggling?

I have only the one child, he’s not spoilt by any means but looking after him to a decent standard is by no means cheap.

I stuck at only one as I knew any more, even with two incomes, with paying nearly £200 a week nursery fees and everything else, it wasn’t worth the financial struggle.

Maybe less is more.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Trees aren’t boring

Here’s a poem in response to Ted Fowler’s letter, February 7, entitled, The same boring topic.

Trees aren’t a boring topic!

“I’m sick of hearing about trees” I’m sure Ted Fowler will frown

Then I suggest he tell the council to stop chopping healthy trees down

If it’s their policy to carry on and thousands of campaigners to ignore

Then I’m afraid Ted, we tree supporters will continue to be a bore!

Please sign the SERT (Save Ecclesall Road Trees) petition – find it at

JW, SERT Supporter


Is that what you want?

I would like to follow up on the excellent comments re Brexit from Miller of S2. With regard to Terry Palmer and Jayne Grayson, I must say that there isn’t a “cat in hell’s chance” of getting through there, so entrenched are they in their own views.

This “stupid” referendum should never have happened in the first place as there were too many people, (on both sides), who didn’t have sufficient knowledge, or like some were bigoted.

I would like to bet many decent ones would have the courage to admit that they were conned by the media on a daily basis and fed poisonous divisive information.

I voted in, but I have continued to research the “real” facts and if others were to be bothered to do so, they would try to change things before May, (the lady who preached the virtues of the EU shortly before the vote), drives us all off the end of the cliff.

I am sick of being told to “get over it”, as much as I am sick of some leavers’ comments about wanting our country back.

I was told by one chap who is not by any means thick, that he didn’t care one iota if the country, financially and socially, went down the pan, he just wanted his country back.

These sort of comments drive me to distraction and only add to my belief that the public should not have been trusted with a subject of this magnitude.

There is much, much more to be said, but people should research these things properly.

I would like to point out that the majority of voters, (who I should think of being Labour by choice), have effectively voted Tory for the foreseeable future, and the ultimate destruction of the NHS.

Is that what you want?

B Heaton


Distressed at dog dirt!

Had my kids come home from school “distressed after treading in dog dirt”, The Star headline, page 14 last Wednesday, the most distressed person in our house would have been me.

Is standing in dog muck really that distressing?

These parents ought to get a grip and really find out what is disturbing their children.

Perhaps it may be a little nearer home in wimpish belly-aching parents with nothing more to worry about. For God’s sake grow up, you’re pathetic.

John Vintin

by email

Shoddy work

What’s this all about? (Sicey Avenue, Star, February 15).

I am disgusted at this blatant example of shoddy workmanship by the people entrusted to repair and maintain our roads and pavements.

The workforce don’t seem to care about doing the job responsibly and it looks as if the supervision, (if there is any), don’t care either.

To add insult to injury someone in the “team” has come along and painted white lines over the existing shambles.

Sheffield council, please take note.



Crumbling roads

Oh dear! Shock horror, the roads on leafy Knowle Lane are crumbling.

So MD, S10, February 11, you had yours done two years ago.

I suggest you take a trip from La La Land and get down to areas such as S13 where they are still waiting to be resurfaced.

May I suggest other readers from S13 get in touch with The Star and report other roads that have not been resurfaced.

Ian Hall

by email

Student parking

I cannot work out what planet council planning officers live on. A student tower for 250 students, opposite the Arts Tower, does not need car parking as everything they need is within walking distance. This reinforces my belief that you can build anything in Sheffield nowadays.

Stan Taylor

by email

Screened questions

Councillor Brian Lodge was on the Radio Sheffield Toby Foster show recently answering questions from the public.

Many of the questions being asked were obviously in regards to the whole street tree debacle that SCC has entered into, there were many questions coming in from social media and I thought that the questions asked were being tightly screened so that CounLodge had an easier ride than he deserved.

So I fielded a non-tree-related curveball question via Facebook and sure as apples grow on trees it was one of two questions from Facebook given to him to answer ( the other one being “ How do you eat a Cadbury’s Cream Egg?”

My question was... “ Can I have my bin emptied every week?” His answer was, “It is, one week is general waste the next is recyclables.”

I am sorry but that is simply not acceptable, I want my general waste collecting every week.

I pay enough council tax to ensure that I do not have to live surrounded by stinking bins that are the main driver for an unprecedented rise in the local rat population as well as an insane rise in fly-tipping.

Rats are a walking disease and fly-tipping is the bane of Sheffield, it is a disgrace, it makes the entire city look like the Third World slum Sheffield City Council aspires to create with their ill- conceived ideas and absolute ineptitude.

The money for weekly bin collections was offered and Sheffield turned it down. Why? Get it sorted!

Lee Swords

by email