Mary wins hands down

George Orwell
George Orwell
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Having read the views of both Councillor Joe Otten and Mary Steele it appears that the councillor has finally shown his true colours when he talks about political ambition.

Would it be that he was looking forward to eventually, joining the gravy train as an MEP.

One of the reasons he gives for re-enlisting into a club that has sanctioned war in the Middle East and imported terrorism onto our streets, is that it makes us more safe.

As for the financial benefits of membership, he has, obviously never suffered from the severe austerity which would have been even worse had we not kept our own currency.

I doubt that he has been forced to resort to the food banks that are now prevalent.

Next, he firmly applauds the admission into the EU of the Eastern countries, while, at the same time, conveniently, overlooking the financial demise of Greece, Spain and Italy, among others.

Then, unbelievably, he says that by giving up the ability to make our own laws along with the right to choose, and sack, our elected representatives, we will somehow, gain more sovereignty.

Still, on the plus side, considering all Joe’s arguments, George Orwell would be proud to know that his work is still being put to good use.

When it comes to a factual analysis of working class interests, I think that Mary Steele wins hands down over the Dore and Totley councillor.