Many of us aren’t that well off

EU Referendum
EU Referendum
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Re Susan Richardson’s letter, June 15, YOU are the selfish ones and bigots and racists in some respects, as well as many ill-informed, (not all thick as you put it).

The young and spiteful remainers have plunged the country into turmoil, you say.

The country was plunged into turmoil the day after the referendum result (51.9 per cent to 48.1 per cent vote). Hardly overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination, and something your dear Farage said before the result would be unacceptable the other way round.

Obviously being a pensioner like myself you are one of the “well-off” ones, you know, the “I am alright Jack ones”.

I have news for you, many of us aren’t that well off.

With regard to the politics being a dirty business, yes I have to agree there. The Tories displayed all the “dirtiness” possible with constant personal insults towards Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbot, as usual aided and abetted by the right-wing press.

Do you remember a comment by Margaret Thatcher which said that when personal insults are thrown at individual politicians it means that politically they have nothing left to say? For once I agree with the lady.

The young are not as gullible as you seem to suggest, but in fact are waking up to the realities. Corbyn’s appalling record of dealing with terrorists pales somewhat now that May is wanting to be propped up by DUP.

Why was the Tory manifesto only lack-lustre in your eyes, but Corbyn’s was something that couldn’t be delivered?

Did you not listen to the question more than once put to May about whether she agreed with leaving the EU – you know the one she refused to answer? I wonder why, could it be because she believes in remaining but puts power first.

Finally there has been a joke doing the rounds, “what’s the difference between a toilet and UKIP”?

The answer toilets have seats says it all, the majority of the public have woken up to their agenda.

Their leave campaign funded by a youngish multi- millionaire who when asked why, answered something to the effect of “something to do”.

B Heaton

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