Manor Big Dig a (surprise) big hit

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FAIR play, I admit I was sceptical when the chaps at Sheffield’s Manor Lodge said they wanted to dig up people’s gardens in search of mediaeval artefacts.

They were - still are, in fact - looking for volunteers in the Manor and Arbourthorne areas to let them excavate residential lawns as part of this year’s Big Dig.

It’s all in the name of research, of course, and home-owners get to keep any artefacts discovered - but who on Earth, wondered I, was going to let a team of archeology students tear into their yard on a summer’s weekend?

Turns out quite a few of you.

“About eight people have come forward so far,” says Peter Machan. “And six schools. That’s going to keep us busy.”

Whoever knew people in the Manor and Arbourthorne were such history buffs?

n INTERESTING to read the new study which suggests making tea for colleagues could help you get promoted.

Apparently office staff firmly believe there is a direct link between brewing up and getting ahead.

Author Sophie Christopher said: “It is because being prepared to make the tea demonstrates qualities such as attentiveness, humility and pro-activity.”

Really? And there was me always thinking it demonstrated being the first person to get thirsty.

Office politics, eh?

n AND finally congratulations to the City of Sheffield Pipe Band which next month, a little birdie tells me, will be presented with a city standard.

That means wherever they perform in the world - and they get around a fair bit - they’ll be carrying the Sheffield coat of arms.

Makes you proud.