Make an example of these airheads now

Grafitti tags along Ecclesall Road in Sheffield
Grafitti tags along Ecclesall Road in Sheffield
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The two-page article on graffiti in Monday’s Star showed photographs of various areas of the city that were being blighted by this idiotic behaviour.

However, it didn’t show any examples from one of the longest and most prestigious roads in Sheffield – Ecclesall Road.

This has made my blood boil for some time now and there are numerous examples of graffiti from top to bottom.

Many”tags” have been sprayed well above eight feet, so must take some doing by either standing on someone’s shoulders or using a ladder.

Traders have to pay many thousands of pounds in business rates per year and the council should have a duty of care to these hardworking shopkeepers.

The council should have covert mobile cameras in situ and make a damn good example of these airheads once and for all.

You know what, if they were made a good enough example of , watch how quickly it would stop.

The traders should confront the council and threaten to suspend payment of rates until it has been sorted

It’s shameful


Sheffield S10