M&S v Lidl and Aldi

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It’s a pity Jayne Grayson can’t take her Marks and Spencer’s bag to Lidl or Aldi.

It’s about 20 years since I went into M & S – the reason being it’s too expensive!

Yes, I shop in the Lidl and Aldi where my cash can afford to take me. There’s nothing wrong with their “gear” – why don’t you try it Jayne?



Have you been on 81?

Your reporter Darren Burke urging better use of public transport has obviously never used the 81 or 82 bus service from Stannington!

Now these two services have no competition due to the withdrawal of the SL2 link service.

They are usually late/very late and often miss a scheduled circuit altogether.

T Mawdsley


They haven’t got a clue

Eastern European countries in the EU have refused to take in any refugees no matter what punishment the EU chucks at them.

We in the Americanised Western Europe will flood our nations with them and at the same time, homelessness is increasing in the UK as is food bank reliance.

One guarantee, migrants won’t be homeless.

I predict, as many more do, very serious disturbances in the near future, but our docile so-called well-educated, we know best, House of Commons, all well-paid, haven’t got a clue.

S Ellis


This is a disgrace

Homelessness to be growing across the country.

People are in tents and in shop doorways in all towns and cities.

This is a disgrace in winter and especially at Christmas time.

Yet Theresa May’s Tory government can only make vague promises about dealing with what they refer to as “rough sleepers”.

The tragic situation needs to be given greater priority by the government.

Charities and sympathetic individuals are doing wonderful work.

Max Nottingham


Stolen goods alert

In tonight’s Star, (December 21),there was an article in which police are warning thieves they will get caught breaking into homes.

It is that time of the year when all warnings go unheeded.

On Sunday, December 17, a neighbour on Dryden told me his two garden sheds had been broken into.

The ystole a black and white electric hedge-cutter, an orange grass trimmer, an electrician’s tool box full of assorted tools, an electric Bosch hammer drill, an electric Bosch drill driver and a yellow/blue child’s bike.

Now those thieves were lucky Dryden is not the best place to steal from because the reprisals if caught would not be worth it.

If you are offered these goods please contact Ecclesfield police rather than get caught receiving.

A good concerned neighbour on Dryden Road.

by email

Yorkshire devolution

I think that Barnsley and Doncaster’s decision to vote for a Yorkshire-wide vote on devolution could be a big mistake .

Do they seriously believe that with the likes of Leeds, Hull, Bradford, Huddersfield, they are going to get a fair deal when the money is being given out.

I think not.

David Taylor

by email

Put High Green first

It has been reported by the national media that suspended Labour MP Jared O’Mara was guest of honour and gave a speech at an Aslef Trade Union Christmas event on December 8 held at the Doncaster Trades Union and Labour Club.

His spokesman had previously said that he was presently not attending Parliament on the advice of a GP, but continued to represent his constituents “in other ways”.

The Sheffield electorate may consider it strange that Mr O’Mara has yet to make a speech in Parliament, and is unable to meet with constituents at his political surgery, but can now find the ability to attend a function and address a speech on behalf of Aslef, a union which is quoted by a fellow MP as “being behind months of strike misery for rail commuters”.

Directly addressing the concerns of his Hallam constituents and publicly speaking in Parliament, should be his priorities before making a Trade union speech in Doncaster.

Mr O’ Mara’s silence on his political position is deafening .

Can we expect some enlightenment as his New Year Resolution for 2018?

Cyril Olsen

Flat 39 The Meadows 30 Busk Meadow Sheffield S5

Bye bye Damian

To quote the lyrics of a Queen song: “Another one bites the dust.”

Bye bye Damian Green.

Jayne Grayson

by email