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Being a lif long Labour supporter I was pleased to hear Jeremy Corbyn announce that anyone earning more than £80,000 would be in for tax increases and anyone earning under that amount would get away with any tax increases.

Great, fantastic, about time, but hang on a minute, where did this magical figure come from, was it pulled from a bingo machine or a random number selector?

Why not 50, 60, or 70 thousand why the magical £80,000?

Some people may ask how much do MPs earn and which side of the £80,000 do they fall o? It doesn’t take a genius to work it out.

Is this another case of MPs only thinking of number one again?

I would think more of Jeremy Corbyn and his ideas if it had been £70,000 because the MPs should fall into the “rich” category in my humble opinion.

Dave M

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Running the country

I would like to follow up on Alan Lockwood’s excellent letter, Saturday, May 6.

In particular I would like to pick up on the “divide” point and say that they most certainly have achieved that and the country will never ever be the same because of the Tories, (or nasty party which a regular contributor to here prefers to call them).

To pick up also on his “description” of the Tories, one of their posters for the 1964 election, (correct me if I am wrong on the date), stated “if you want a coloured man living next door to you vote Labour, if you don’t vote Conservative”.

How divisive, as well as nastily racist is that?

They are not what they are trying to make people believe, they are very underhanded in everything they do. Brexit was their goal and theirs only. People who voted leave continually seem to think that we remainers consider them as thick. We don’t but in general most of the voting public do not have the time, (as well as sometimes the inclination), to investigate these things further as some of us retirees do.

Even a leaflet to every person would not be informative or even understandable to most of us when it comes to making such a huge decision.

Don’t let them run away with the election as no opposition would certainly give them a mandate to rip all of us off.

A massive victory would still not help their case in negotiating with Europe. They just want carte blanche to follow their agenda in regards to running this country.

For my own part, I was born during the war years and experienced the relative poverty, rationing etc that the war entailed.

I do not want to see my latter years exposed to this again, but it is starting to happen slowly.

B Heaton

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Credible opposition

Master Cutler Richard Edwards is right to say the country needs a credible opposition to give a “large degree of scrutiny” to the Government’s Brexit plans, (Star, May 4, 2017).

And he is right to be concerned.

Prolonged uncertainty over the future of Britain in Europe is bad for business. It is especially bad for those small and medium businesses who don’t have all the benefits of global corporations.

Those are the businesses that are important in Sheffield, with its past and present of small-scale innovation.

But it will be worse still for those businesses if the UK gets a bad deal.

For us in the Green Party, political scrutiny is a very important role. As a Green MP, Caroline Lucas has had an excellent reputation. In Sheffield, the elected Green councillors have worked hard to call the ruling administration to account. Additional Green MPs would mean even more effective scrutiny of Brexit and other issues.

That’s why we are asking voters to return Natalie Bennett to Parliament as a Green MP. for Sheffield Central.

Coun Douglas Johnson

Sheffield Green Party

What selfish people

So the pensioners of Wisewood have lost their bus. What selfish people they are, don’t they realise that new, more reliable lifts for council workers are more “cost effective”?

How dare they expect priority, the £2 million is much better spent so that every now and then they don’t have to use the stairs at the Manpower building.

It is just not possible for procurement to get a decent deal for a maintenance contract, the private sector are forever buying new lifts.

When the canvassers turn up and have their four-yearly “consultation” with the voters of Wisewood maybe the issues can be raised?

Gary Speck

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No forward thinking

So here we have it, we were told some time ago that diesel car engine didn’t pollute as much as petrol cars?

Now we are told the opposite, so all the people who bought diesel cars are going to be offered a scrappage scheme.

There is also talk of a toxic tax being introduced in most cities. Will this include Sheffield?

Over the years SCC has created most of the pollution by introducing the dreaded speed bumps and traffic lights that are not in sequence so we have stop-start driving .

They have been accused of being one of the slowest cities to drive in, they are their own worst enemies who have created this problem through bad planning and not forward thinking.



Can anyone help me?

I have recently been trying to purchase a city of Sheffield tie as a gift for a Spanish friend. The problem is, they are only supplied to Town Hall staff. I would have thought a city the size of Sheffield would be proud to have the coat of arms shown around the world. Is it possible any council member could help me obtain one before I visit Spain again in September?

Peter J Webster


It’s not a bad jump

It has been reported Ched Evans is to pocket £1 million when he rejoins Sheffield United.

He will get a six-figure signing on fee, plus £10,000 a week, and £750 per game he plays, and £10,000 if he scores more than 10 goals next season.

Not a bad jump from the £2,000 a week he was getting when he was injured at Chesterfield.

Lee Johnson

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Not a good role model

Ched’s back, do United need him?

They obviously have unfinished business with him so got him to re-sign.

He’s an innocent man now and so gets on with his life and career. Whatever happened in that hotel room that night no one comes out of it with any glory.

He’s not the only football player who has behaved like this, but I wouldn’t want my child looking up to him as a role model.

Jayne Grayson

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