Lifeline for birds

Sheffield Council plans to let some grass verges grow longer to encourage biodiversity after a successful trial. Orchids growing wild along Bochum Parkway. Photo: Olivia Richardson, University of Sheffield.
Sheffield Council plans to let some grass verges grow longer to encourage biodiversity after a successful trial. Orchids growing wild along Bochum Parkway. Photo: Olivia Richardson, University of Sheffield.
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Grass which is left to grow long on verges which separate pavements from busy roads are a lifeline for birds and their chicks for insect life.

Long grass acts as a barrier from the pollution caused by exhaust pipes of vehicles, especially for babies and toddlers in buggies.

Long grass looks beautiful, especially if wild flowers grow which are very cheap to buy as seeds from economy stores.

Grass which is cut very short is boring and traffic is much more dangerous to the environment.

Why can’t Ms D Lake acquire some shears and cut a narrow pathway to her car, which is doubtlessly causing more pollution than grass?

Ann Hayes

Richmond Road, Richmond, Sheffield, S13

Let’s get more police

Margaret, a lady of years like myself whose words have been full of love, was recently cornered for her purse at Firth Park.

She has gone through rough times and war and has a kind word for all. Now she is scared to go out.

Let’s get more police and wardens in Firth Park, a place for all.

God bless all who helped Margaret.

F France

Shiregreen, S5

Gruesome murder

My mum and I were watching the telly one evening when we heard a bloodcurdling scream coming from our back garden.

It sounded just like there was some kind of gruesome murder taking place, but, looking cautiously outside, I discovered a fox in our back garden.

Either guarding his territory or looking for a lady friend, I thought.

Well, not quite!

We were watching Strictly Come Dancing at that very moment, and Susan and Kevin were doing, you’ve guessed it, a foxtrot!

What’s more, the fox didn’t let up until the judges had all given their verdict, then moved on to the next contestant.

I can only conclude that our visiting ‘reynard’ was trying to tell them exactly what he thought of their fox trot.

That’ll be zero marks from him then!

Sorry Susan and Kevin!

Catherine M Langan

Beauchief, Sheffield, S8

Putting lives in danger

‘Drivers running red lights’ fine and three penalty points.

Can anything be done with drivers passing two cars at once?

My daughter and I have had this experience three times, a car in front of us, suddenly from behind a car or van shoots past both of us.

This is a very dangerous situation for oncoming traffic, they are putting lives in danger.

Brenda Wilkinson

Lodge Moor, S10

The biggest culprits

I think Sheffield Council should practise what they preach regarding people parking on pavements and causing obstruction.

Some of the biggest culprits I have seen recently have been council workers in their vans and lorries.

Marjorie Roberts

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, S10

Don’t be fooled

Don’t be fooled by tax increases for the NHS and money saved by Brexit, as May says.

Our economy is worsening with more banks, pubs and what’s left of industry closing or laying staff off and more migrants piling in to be looked after.

This country will never recover from 1999 and those old enough will tell you that food bank reliance and homelessness are the only things thriving and increasing.

S Ellis

Cottenham Road, Rotherham, S65

The actions of useless people

Which social class has the needs for this or that? The miners labouring underground produced a very useful product, coal.

Coal we are told by the thousands of useless professors, produces contaminators to the green earth.

Other useless professors discovered how to make oil, petrol and other forms of coal.

The UK has millions of tons of coal beneath.

It was decided to import finite quantities of oils and gases to replace coal by other useless people.

These useless people then decided that miners were useless and employed thousands of parasites to make the miners unemployed with no expense saved and limitless violence to cause damage and injury to the miners.

The aircraft manufacturing industry employs almost a similar number of middle and upper class people as the coal industry did.

Nearly all aircraft need tons and tons of fuel from oil, petrol and kerosene which is dispensed on and around the green earth.

All the useless professors, diplomats and politicians use these aircraft to whizz round and round the world to secret meetings.

These useless people, many of whom are out and out parasites, seem determined to build more and more aeroplanes.

Royalty cannot manage without them.

Her Majesty’s Government does not even levy taxes on almost everything connected with aeroplanes, airports and fuel.

Her Majesty’s personal protection and killing people have never had to limit their waste of valuable resources and vast quantities of fuel blown away by the bomb and gun carriers , nobody even bothers to list it.

It is a ‘state’ secret.

We may see if Mrs May is made of the same stuff as Mrs Thatcher.

Jobs for the highly skilled immigrant aircraft makers look safe.

Taxpayers’ money for bailouts appear unlimited.

Nazi Germany made planes and rockets underground using slave labour.

The professors need to go into space to find another place for us all to live.

John Swift

Gisbourne Road, Bradley, HD2