LETTERS: ‘You are mistaken on tree debate’

Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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Further to the anonymous response, (Star Letters, January 19), to my ‘naïve’ letter about the costs to Sheffield of the campaign to preserve mature trees to the south of the city.

I thank you for allowing me to enter into the debate and although it is not my intention to force my opinion down the throats of your readers ad nauseum I would appreciate the opportunity to reply just the once.

Your correspondent shouldn’t congratulate themselves on spotting my prolific writings on Sheffield Forum. They are mistaken. I have never written on Sheffield Forum.

It’s unfair they should have attempted to colour the views of other readers with the untruth that I am some major anti-campaigner with a hidden agenda.

Your writer should be careful, attempting to disparage me with personal attacks on my naivety by quoting statistics. It is a naïve person indeed who trusts statistics.

Our mutual friend, ‘name and address supplied’, should simply accept that not everyone agrees with their position.

Your writer shouldn’t try to discredit my point of view with thinly veiled insinuations of affiliations which do not exist.

Mrs Mason

by email