LETTERS: Why do many have defective speedos?

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My earliest memories of bicycles are that only a very few of my Longley school mates had access to a serviceable bike immediately after WWII, and this was more than likely acquired before the outbreak of war.

Most of my first bike was fished out of the River Don near Blonk Street, the frame costing one shilling (5p) and subsequently serving me well into secondary school.

From about 1955-60 we entered into a mini-boom (the emphasis on mini) of mainly male cyclists, who cycled without any head protection but never on pavements.

However, year by year beyond the Seventies, even motorcycles were given up for motor cars and the few commuting cyclists like myself were considered to be eccentric.

Then about 20 years ago the popularity of cycling increased to what we see today, but with the majority of cyclists wearing cycle helmets and too many riding on pavements.

With the continued increase in pedal power, when will speedometers be in the news as were helmets, especially now that we have many new 20mph zones?

But then it makes little difference for many, it seems, driving any type of motor vehicle, and I cannot even begin to consider why so many could have defective speedometers.

Mike of Marchwood

by email