Letters: Shardlows’ plight a result of politics

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Reading the obituary of Ambrose Shardlows fills me with a sadness and makes me wonder, what on earth is this country doing?

Sheffield pioneered engineering and we hear of wanting to put up recognition for women of steel, for their past work.

You cannot live on dreams and the past and when I look at how past governments have let our knowledge be stolen, is there any wonder we are in our death throes?

Olympic dreams do not create work for the next generation of young. Penalising students with loans does not find work for them, either.

Successive governments allowed takeovers which have not been in the interest of this country but their own self-interests.

If we look at the past we see the companies who worked in the stainless steel industry and we see it going to other countries.

We then had the Forgemaster loan denied. Is there any wonder we are losing out to foreign competitors?

The government has created Enterprise Zones to help areas but not Sheffield’s unemployed areas.

Why would a company who submitted the lowest tender lose the contract to a German company?

Is this the result of politics within the European union which excludes Britain?

If it is let them all sink together and let’s get on with what we are good at, fighting for survival. If our MPs can move Cummins it will be a miracle.

This country relied on Sheffield’s output during the second world war which Sheffield responded to for the country.

I suggest all MPs get their heads together, never mind it being a commercial decision, it wants looking into.

Letter by Frank Hardy, Sheffield

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