LETTERS: ‘My son did his best’ - mum of police officer at Hillsborough disaster

The memorial to the Hillsborough disaster in Sheffield.
The memorial to the Hillsborough disaster in Sheffield.
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I write as a mother of a young PC who was at the match that fateful day.

I feel I should pass a word of pride for the young men and women who acted heroically and did their duty to the best of their ability in the situation they found themselves in.

Many of them have been badly affected by the day and have carried the stigma of what happened for 27 years, as have the families. Will it never end?

My son’s life changed forever. He is not the person he was and there are others in the same position.

It is an overwhelming burden they carry, not of their own making – they have had to learn to live with it.

So please, do not blame them all – the ones on the streets protecting us today providing a caring, dangerous service, doing a thankless job. We should be proud of them.

Anyone who was in or near Hillsborough on that day, especially people living there, will never forget what went on and the horror of it all.

Sheffield as a city feels sorrow and regret for the families – we all want to move on.

A PC’s mother