LETTERS: ‘Multicultural integration hasn’t worked in Sheffield’

Page Hall Roma Feature
Police patrol the streets of Page Hall
Page Hall Roma Feature Police patrol the streets of Page Hall
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What an insensitive email from Paul Colk, (Integration has worked well in Britain, March 24).

Only a matter of weeks after four rapists of Pakistani heritage were sentenced to a combined total of 89 years in jail for the horrific abuse and torture of young white girls, we are lectured on how brilliant the multicultural experiment has been.

Perhaps Mr Colk could explain how well integration has worked to the families of the 1,400 child sex abuse victims in Rotherham?

Or perhaps call and explain to Lee Rigby’s mother and daughter?

I don’t feel we have had successful integration.

We only need to read former home secretary David Blunkett’s remarks that soon there will be a riot in Page Hall due to tensions between the Roma and Pakistani communities.

Hardly successful integration is it?

When I go to Burngreave, Sharrow and Fir Vale for example I see isolated communities not mixing.

I dare say it’s more like segregation than integration.

Finally the events in Cologne where approximately 1,000 men of Arab or North African appearance sexually assaulted German women celebrating the New Year shows that people are right to be fearful of open borders.

Yes, we have problems with our own in this country but I would rather sort out problems among the indigenous population first before we invite others to join us.


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