LETTERS: Mickey Mouse airport and student games? Sheffield could have been greater...

World Student Games with British team
World Student Games with British team
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As a lifelong supporter of Barnsley FC, still a season ticket holder at Oakwell and a resident of Sheffield for 56 years, I can claim an affinity with both places.

People who write to The Star do so because they care about their city.

Mr Newton identifies a number of eccentric decisions which have affected Sheffield residents.

I would add the naive project of the World Student Games all those years ago, a waste of money which we will probably never recoup.

I vividly recall councillors wildly celebrating as if they had landed the Olympic Games.

Can anybody tell me where the last World Student Games were held? I thought not.

Similarly shortsighted was the creation of a Mickey Mouse airport, leaving Sheffield the largest city in Europe without a major airport.

Sheffield is great but it could have been even greater.

Brian Sheridan

Redmires Road, S10