LETTERS: ‘Cash better spent on schools than teaching Muslim women English’

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In this country we have a melting pot of different nationalities all speaking different languages, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Korean and many more languages, all integrating into the British culture and at least trying to blend in.

But somehow David Cameron has found £20 million pounds to teach Muslim women to talk English, so once again it’s on the back of English tax payers.

Why can’t they pay for their own lessons, every other nationality seems to manage?

If ever there was a reason to make it a stipulation that anyone entering Britain must have a basic knowledge of English this is it.

Is forking out this £20m going to be a ongoing thing? Because Muslim women with no English language skills will still be entering Britain.

Surely some goody two shoes will volunteer their time, free of charge, to teach them English.

Give them 12 months to be able to read a passage from a selected book and if they can’t read it, as Cameron says, they should be deported.

The cash would be better spent on our own children and schools.


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