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Susan Richardson’s letters are a joy to read.

May they long continue.

Louise Wilcockson

Sheffield Hallam, S10

National Armed Forces Day

May I remind readers that on National Armed Forces Day on Saturday, a service will be held at the new Sheffield War Memorial for Local Service Personnel Who Have Fallen Since the End of The Second World War @ Storrs Lane,Stannington,S6 6GY.

The Service will commence at 11am and will be conducted by the Vicar of Bradfield Rev Alan Isaacson.

All are welcome to attend this service to remember the sacrifices made by local service men and women of the armed forces since the end of the Second World War

Graham Oxley

by email

Give Brendan a knighthood

Ed Sheeran seems a nice chap, his tunes are not my cup of tea but each to their own. He will now have MBE after his name, he’s 26, wrote a few hits, now hes getting a trip to the palace. I feel these gongs are given out too readily to people who frankly don’t deserve it.

Brendan Ingle is a case in point, the work he has done in Wincobank for the community over the years is brilliant. I would like him to get a knighthood because he’s fantastic.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Sheffield bus companies

Is it possible that the bus companies such as Stage coach and First could provide gym facilities at their depots so that their drivers could work off their frustrations and sustain a certain amount of fitness after a shift behind the wheel?

Most businesses provide these facilities and it is a success for the wellbeing of their employees. Bus driving is a pressurised job in these traffic-congested times.

EB Warris

by email

How would they evacuate?

It struck me because of the horrendous fire in the tower block of flats in London, what would happen if there was fire at the Hallamshire hospital? Lots of floors and cannot use lifts if a fire and lots of stairs. How would they evacuate patients?

DA Wragg


See what next season brings

While on holiday I noticed two letters were printed on June 10 from some more deluded Blades.

Sharron Challoner said SWFC had spent £20 million on players, not so.

As at today they have not bought Jordan Rhodes. Also according to McSue the Blades had by far the biggest budget in the pub league last season and will be very disappointed to hear that made no difference.

She also seems to think all United fans are “very excited about all our new signings”. All my United friends say they are extremely disappointed and have only ever heard of one of them and we all know who that is!

BT, Jordan Rhodes has in the past been one of the best strikers in the Championship and will be again next season guaranteeing promotion to the Premier League for the mighty Owls. By the way even when he was Huddersfield’s top scorer he did not take penalties.

Finally, where was it proven that money doesn’t bring success in the Premier League when I think only Arsenal of the top six teams were not in the top six spenders.

Perhaps I misunderstood what you were saying but I certainly agree that we will all, I hope, see what next season brings. Can’t wait.

Chris Gee

by email

The good old days

I saw an article which says that life was better in the good old days, half of adults over 50 agree to this.

From not so much traffic, people having more respect for each other, good manners, people who were more patient, bobbies on the beat, among other things.

Guess we we’ll never see things going back to how they used to be.

Lee Johnson

by email

Life of Riley

Why doesn’t multi millionaire Ant McPartlin just buy a new knee with all money he’s made?

I’m on tramadol plus naproxin to get through a day grafting on a rolling mill.

I haven’t reached for the bottle though or moaned.

You’d be moaning if you had to go to work in pain and on painkillers because you need to pay rent and bills.

So shut up moaning, you and your little mate have got a life of Riley.



What idiot runs buses?

Buses? 75, 76, where do they go? They vanish.

A lady with a zimmer frame waiting in town was told you can’t get on here.

Another lady had to get off a bus twice on her way to Shiregreen.

Please tell me why does it say Shiregreen?

I’ve said before, what idiot runs these buses? I’ve seen very nice drivers, but their boss must be mental.

Freda France

Shiregreen via Blackpool

Rare & Racy

It was most interesting to read the article: “Last days for a Rare and Racy find” (Telegraph, June 8) regarding the bookshop adjacent to Devonshire Green. As I understand, Rare & Racy opened in 1969, the year I began my studies at Sheffield (Polytechnic) School of Art, Psalter Lane.

When Rare & Racy opened, it was a groundbreaking outlet (“eclectic” is the word I would use). Its collection of Beat literature, (Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Geoff Nuttall), was superb to say nothing of its jazz and blues selection.

However, time moves on and the row of outlets, (including Rare & Racy), really do need developing and redesigning.

How far Sheffield has moved with the times can be demonstrated by the news, (Telegraph), that the city could be earmarked for a television studio complex, allied to Channel Four, no less!

Steven Davis


Swing voters

Why did so many UKIP supporters vote for other parties at the general elections? Have we left the EU? Why do they now comment so negatively about a hung parliament? Isn’t it better than a one-party rule?

Thanks to the new string pullers from Belfast, (namely the DUP), the dream lives on, and the English old issue of income inequality and extra funding for public services will be dealt with. At least in Northern Ireland. Cutting off collaboration and co-operation with neighbouring EU countries in order to spend the spare money for ourselves is still the ultimate hope, or illusion. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the new riches. Plenty of money available to everybody, always and forever: that’s the message making voters swing from one conviction to the next.

Danny Piermattei

Stannington, Sheffield