Letter: We might as well go on a spending spree

David Cameron
David Cameron
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According to recent reports the Government are intending to put a curb on pensioner benefits, because they think that the younger generation are suffering most from the Tory cuts.

This curb will be after 2020 apparently, so I suppose it will all go quiet on the subject for a while as the Tories are unlikely to get pensioners’ votes if they start slashing their benefits before the next election.

With pensioners’ savings dwindling because of low interest rates, how will they be able to have a reasonable standard of living if their benefits are cut and they are still expected to help out their families? Everyone is going to suffer.

Perhaps if Cameron and Osborne hadn’t been so cut-happy while in power, there wouldn’t be a problem.

Most pensioners are living on a moderate pension topped up by the savings that they have accrued over 50 years of working. It hasn’t all been good for today’s pensioners, we’ve suffered from low wages, slumps and job losses over the last five decades, and we’ve had to compromise our outgoings during the bad times. There is every chance that today’s youngsters will still have a good 40 years or more to build up their pension pots and savings, just like we did.

How does the Government think today’s youngsters are managing? Mostly, it’s down to pensioners looking after their families with financial handouts when they need them. We have middle-aged children who we try to help out when they need it, and we also help out our grandchildren too. I am sure this is the same for most pensioners. Who is going to help them out if the Tories cut pensioner benefits? Our parents couldn’t help us out in this way, because we were born just after the war and they didn’t have any spare money and I bet pensioners will lose more money than the Government give back to the younger generation.

We live in a different world today and the younger generation consider being hard up as not having the latest mobile phone, the latest games, a tablet etc.

That doesn’t make them hard up, it just puts them into the same situation we were in back in the Fifties and Sixties.

The difference is we needed things like clothes, and enough to pay for a visit to the cinema as our weekly treat. Pensioners have had their hard times, and now we choose to help out the younger members of our families. Our reward is to have our benefits scrutinised.

We might as well all go on a huge spending spree over the next four years and leave it to the Government to sort out the mess their cuts are having on our younger generation.