Letter: Things are not better

Page Hall
Page Hall
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How I wish one of your photographers and a reporter could have been in the Page Hall area today Sunday, September 18 at 5.15pm.

The whole area was absolutely, utterly, disgustingly filthy. Bins were overflowing; large groups of people were lounging around totally oblivious to the muck heap they were in or may even have played a part in creating.

I am sick of hearing how ‘they have turned a corner’, ‘things are getting better’, and they are ‘getting on top of the situation’. Nothing is further from the truth.

Got a bed you don’t want, a fridge freezer, old clothes etc. anything at all – oh just dump it in the street – this caring Sheffield council will send a man with a van or a lorry to take it away for you!

Words just fail me when I hear these do-gooders talk about having made progress. The situation is actually far worse than it ever was.

Rubbish has accumulated under cars, so having the street cleaning vehicle is useless as there are always far too many cars down there for it to be able to clean up properly.

It is no use the do-gooders just going to look at it on a Monday when the council cleaners have been round to deal with it.

Get down there on a weekend, especially Sunday, and see Page Hall as it really is. From Upwell Street bridge make your way up Owler Lane to Page Hall and then Firth Park Road; see the litter accumulating in the railings to the woods. Cast your eyes across to the grass verges and see the rubbish people have dumped or dropped as you make your way up towards Lane Top. Any household rubbish or unwanted goods are just put out anywhere rather than the owners dealing with it themselves.


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