Letter: A host of memories because of the Herd

The Herd
The Herd
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I’ve just spent the last four weeks finding and photographing the elephants on the Herd of Sheffield trail.

Not only were the elephants totally awesome the locations were amazing.

Having lived just over the border in the Dronfield area all my life and worked in Sheffield in the 60s and 70s I thought I knew the city but the last four weeks has taken me to many parts I’ve never been to.

The tranquil setting of Forge Dam, the hidden gem that is Butchers Works, the lovely Walled Garden in Hillsborough Park, The Sheffield Canal Basin, I could not believe I was in the city centre as I sat looking out over the house boats. The wonderful view out over the city from Park Hill Flats, the amazing Kelham Island Museum, the lovely ride out to Dungworth (and the ice cream) all new territory to me.

How many of the thousands of folk that shop at Meadow Hall have seen over the wall in the Oasis Courtyard into the River Don and the fish pass created for migrating Atlantic salmon.

All this seen because of the elephants sited there.

What an enthralling few weeks, the sun shone on the elephants backs and I have a host of memories of places in Sheffield I didn’t know existed.

Who ever thought up this idea, a big thank you and I hope the Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity has benefitted a great deal from it.

Sylvia Hewitt