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NICE to hear there’s a few Subbuteo fans reading this page.

Apparently, after Monday’s piece on the newly formed Sheffield Table Football Club, the group has had so many inquiries, it’s setting up a monthly games night at the Porter Brook pub in Ecclesall Road.

Sounds fun. And here’s hoping someone will avenge the 3-0 drubbing club chairman Mat Atkin gave me while I was, you know, researching the article.

The first night is October 2 at 7.45pm.

SOME praise! For me! For once!

Reader Patrick Wilkins emails to say he enjoyed yesterday’s column about football pundits but reckons I missed Gordon Strachan’s best quote of all.

“So,” yet another intrepid reporter approached the Scotsman when he was managing Southampton. “In what areas do you think Middlesbrough were better than you today?”

“What areas?” replied our ginger hero. “Mainly that big green one out there.”

AND normal service is resumed with a correction.

Another reader, signing off only as Meldrew, tells me contrary to Tuesday’s Diary a steel plant is not a statue; it’s a sculpture.

“Do try to improve upon your use of English,” he says.


And, before anyone emails to tell me yesterday’s Retro was inaccurate, a Scottish friend has already made it clear Sheffield was not the largest city in the UK without riots last month. It was, of course, only the largest city in England.

MOTLEY Crue are coming to play Sheffield, as revealed in yesterday’s Star.

So anyone who’s read the hair metal band’s biography The Dirt will know the phrase ‘lock up your wives and daughters’ has perhaps never been more appropriate.

A favourite pastime of the notoriously debauched group on tour?

Ordering groupies to line up outside their dressing room before sending staff along the queue looking for, ahem, willing mothers and daughters.