Let us show some British backbone

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It is reported by the media that Theresa May has told three million EU nationals living in the UK that they can stay for the rest of their lives and enjoy the same rights as British citizens.

She made clear that the proposals would be adopted only if the same rights were guaranteed to UK citizens living in the other 27 EU states.

She wants Brussels to drop its demand that EU judges at the European Court of Justice oversee the deal.

In response, European Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker said this was a first step but not sufficient – more was needed.

If this is going to be their general response to all of the Brexit team proposals, I fear for our future.

The EU has not currently offered the same assurance to our citizens living with them – what has happened to give and take on a fair basis?

EU leaders are now saying that their door is open to come back into their club if we wish to change our minds about Brexit.

Could this be because they realise that they have far more financially to lose than we do if we remove their shackles?

We voted to leave the EU, with no mention of a hard or soft Brexit at the referendum.

I expect our negotiators to obtain the best deal they can for the UK, this will mean some give and take on both sides.

I do not expect or want them to roll over and surrender to Mr Juncker and his colleagues every time that they do not agree with our proposals.

Let us show some British backbone!

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5