Let us help refugees – the real ones

Migrants and refugees
Migrants and refugees
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The issue of refugees and migrants concerns me a great deal. The first point is that the two terms are in no way interchangeable.

They are entirely different things. (Listening to so many allegedly intelligent people hold forth, you would never know.)

Migrants are people attempting to move countries in order to live a better life. Refugees are people making an essential escape from disaster.

Refugees in Calais, who have moved across safe countries in order to attempt to achieve ‘a better deal’ have turned themselves into mere migrants.

On a wider scale, lie detector tests should be used to filter the real refugees. Surely, we should all want to help the genuine?

Interestingly, last year, of the 650,000 known immigrants allowed into our grotesquely overcrowded nation – only four per cent were refugees.

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, Sheffield, S13