Let’s pull together and accept less

The tip of the iceberg
The tip of the iceberg
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Your Star letter from Cameron Fleming about obscene pay at the Beeb is just the tip of an iceberg.

I am continually held in contempt for suggesting that greed is the reason we are all in the mess we are. Back in the ’70s we began to see massive inflation and I guess it was natural that people wanted wage rises just to keep a stable income. Sadly it was just the start of an endless spiral.

For every wage increase, an employer had to increase his prices until his business was no longer viable. As a result it was cheaper to import coal from Russia and clothing from China than to produce our own, businesses folded and workers became the unemployed.

We now own little of our own country - depending on investment from overseas and private companies to provide us with jobs.

Have we learnt anything from this - of course not. Greed leads people to believe they are worthy of massive salary’s to be filmed talking about their interests in the name of entertainment, while half the world is dying of starvation. Isn’t it time they simply said NO! I am a multi-millionaire, I don’t need more money!

The Beeb could put a stop to it - by refusing to take part in this scandal. Bring in some new blood - look at the great people we see on Britain’s got Talent - I am positive that there are loads of people who could do the job of these so called celebrities for a fraction of what they are paid. If they want to keep their jobs take the new pay deal or step aside and let someone else have a go!

The Government is not wrong to put a cap on pay rises. The people earning them are not struggling to survive - they are wondering if they can keep up their high standard of living. When will anyone stand up and say ‘I am earning enough, I can manage, I am not going to bankrupt my employer by demanding a higher salary’?

Most of us are being hit by cut backs to public services that make life less pleasant for everyone, while the councils biggest outlay is on its employees salaries.

When there are none of our people sleeping on the streets, none of our sick going without treatment and care, none of our children getting substandard education and no families living in substandard housing surrounded by litter strewn streets, when our national debt is cut, when we make more than we need, and sell more than we buy - then we can start sharing in our nations wealth.

In the meantime let’s pull together and accept less, take no more than we can use and earn more of everyone’s respect and admiration.

J Allinson

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