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Television news no longer shows migrants and refugees arriving in the EU. They think if they don’t tell you, people are stupid enough to think it is no longer a problem. The truth is it is worse than ever and they don’t know how to cope.

The EU council think up new threats to try and frighten us when really they are the ones who are scared of losing our money.

The Lib Dems and Labour want to cling on to these idiots.

Be proud of our country and let’s fly our flag and not the EU’s.

Worried pensioner


Housing development

I am very surprised not to have seen anything in the local press regarding Miller Homes planning application submitted to the Council regarding the erection of 138 properties on the former Hallam University Norton Playing Fields off Hemsworth Road/Derbyshire Lane.

This will have a huge impact upon the lives of local residents and a major impact on the roads and facilities, (or lack of them), in the surrounding area.

The area is already heavily congested with traffic and suffers huge problems with parking for Graves Park.

For anyone wishing to comment to the council, the deadline is Thursday, May 4, application no. 17/01281/FUL.



City deserves better

Recently, I was listening to Sheffield City Council Cabinet Member for Environment Coun Bryan Lodge on BBC Radio 4’s PM, (April 24, 2017). The programme was producing a follow-up item on their coverage from last year to find out, what, if anything had changed regarding the Sheffield tree campaign.

Well, for starters, there’s still no sign of SCC’s promised Tree and Woodland Strategy. So, no change there.

And not much sign, if any, of alternative specifications being drafted or methods such as flexi-paving, ramping, smaller kerbs or good practice being employed by other cities, to save healthy, structurally-sound street trees.

But there was one change. Instead of trying to manipulate the implementation of the law to prevent peaceful protest, Coun Lodge has decided to try another road: this time, it’s no longer about ‘prevention’ of peaceful protest, it’s about ‘protection’. Protection of whom or what, exactly? Is it to protect SCC’s private contractor Amey? Or this Labour-led council from scrutiny? Or the scrutiny of the Streets Ahead PFI contract? It certainly isn’t to protect Sheffielders from buffoons who are destroying our green heritage and asset as one of the greenest cities in Europe. Such fake altruism is highly patronising to Sheffielders who are a canny lot. Sheffield deserves better.

Louise Wilcockson


Overseas aid and help

Like Richard Simpson, (letter, April 25), I too would be proud that our country provides 0.7 per cent of income to overseas aid.

However, I am not so naive as to believe that this aid reaches those who need it most after the despots such as Mugabe have taken their cut.

I wonder how much of our aid actually helps the sick and starving?

Chris Williamson


It’s utter chaos

On Monday, March 20, notices appeared on street furniture advising of pending work to the pavements on Wadsley Lane at Hillsborough, all were advised to move cars as the work could take 19 days.

Well they came and took the asphalt off the pavement and left it, I assume to lay the asphalt.

It is now April 13 and the asphalt has still not been layed.

As a result we have been left with raised manholes / grates etc. and a dust storm covering everything in dust, (cars, windows), as well as treading it in to our property.

There has been no activity now on the bottom of Wadsley Lane since March 23. All the notices are now down and the work has ceased?

Despite numerous calls and emails to Amey we are still awaiting completion of the works.

We still see evidence of vehicles stood on surrounding roads with workmen sat in them, one was even asleep, so I could not ask him what was going on.

The state of the pavements are a disgrace and someone will have an accident if the manholes and grates are not made safe, i.e. asphalted.

Alan Thompson

by email

Smithy Wood lawlessness

So groups of illegal quad bikers are roaming around Smithy Wood with guns.

I cannot blame the police, as they have no staff these days, but it may be prudent for the campaigners against the proposed motorway services to avoid going there after dusk. The sooner the area is civilised by the building or services, hotel, etc, the better in my opinion.

I also see the usual 29-year-old suspect has been immediately arrested.

He should be out on bail soon, so the police can look for the real culprit.

Terry Tiller

Kelham Island

Sheffield’s rivers

I was interested to read Ron Clayton’s Your View on the subject of Club Mill Road, Neepsend, (Star, April 26).

Although I understand Ron’s concerns about fly-tipping and general neglect, I have to say it’s still a lovely and interesting part of Sheffield, as I am sure Ron would agree.

Last Sunday, April 23, me and my wife walked along Club Mill Road on our way along the Upper Don Walk, which starts in town, continues through Kelham Island and Neepsend, up to Wadsley Bridge,through Beeley Wood, (bluebells), and ends in Oughtibridge, about 6 miles.

Commerce was closed with it being Sunday so the many firms on industrial estates along the way were silent.

I expect it’s different in the week, but we had a lovely walk and I would recommend it to anyone.

There was less fly-tipping than I would have imagined in a place like that.

Virtually a stone’s throw away from Penistone Road and other busy, congested areas, the river flows and wildlife flourishes as though it was in the middle of the countryside.

We saw housemartins, heron, grey wagtails, dippers and sparrowhawk as well as many other common species such as wren, robin and blackbird, and we had good views of a kingfisher from Club Mill Road itself.

I agree with Ron that the riverside could benefit from more attention and hopefully the council’s Sheffield Waterways Strategy will in time bear fruit and result in rivers becoming “central to Sheffield being an attractive, competitive and sustainable city”.

Chris Whitehouse

Greenhill, Sheffield 8