Let debate continue

Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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Well done Councillor Peter Price for speaking up for thecouncil on the tree replacement situation (Star Letters, January 13).

It’s true the council have handled the programme badly in some respects, especially regarding the Rustlings Road fiasco.

And I hope the council and Amey will learn from that and try and take people’s concerns on board for the rest of the programme.

However, this is a massive project and there are bound to be a few cock-ups.

I think people are right to hold the council to account but let’s have a sense of proportion please.

Both sides in this controversy have made some good arguments in these pages, and the Star has provided a good forum for democratic debate on the issue.

When I came back to live in Sheffield a couple of years ago, everybody was complaining about the state of the roads.

In the part of the city where I live, the roads have been renewed, the potholes have gone and driving is less of a problem.

You don’t hear much about that issue now that it is done.

We have lost some trees in our road, but the replacements are doing fine. I’m perfectly happy with that and so are thousands of others. Let the debate continue.

Chris Whitehouse

Westwick Road, Sheffield S8.