Left feeling ignored

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I was very disappointed that the injunction on tree felling has been lifted, particularly as we are close to nesting season for birds.

This is a crucial season for birds and trees play a vital role in their survival.

Sheffield City Council have pledged not to fell any trees until the verdict has been given, which I am grateful for.

However, I sincerely hope that Simon Green, and the rest of our council, do seriously follow up on their desire to “make sure that our work with communities on this issue is right”.

I hope this means that they are beginning to understand the frustration and confusion which their tree survey and consultation has caused.

Like many, I feel very strongly that the consultation over street trees has been appallingly handled and greatly lacking in democracy, personally leaving me feeling silenced and ignored.

I am heartened to hear that the council appear to now want to listen properly to residents about our worries over the loss of so many trees, and hope that they continue to improve dialogue with the people they are in council to serve.

I will be watching very carefully as to how the council intends to better involve Sheffielders with regard to our city’s highway trees.

Anna Pethen