Learning lessons on switchover

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IS anyone else having trouble with their TV in the brave new world that is the digital switchover?

For weeks, whenever we’ve turned the box on, we’ve had a message flashing on screen offering information and for weeks we’ve been deleting it without reading.

Now, we can’t get a single channel except Sky News and that message isn’t flashing any more.

There’s probably a lesson to be learned there somewhere.

IRONIC that NHS Sheffield is sending out letters to healthy 11-year-old girls telling them they’re overweight, as reported in yesterday’s Star.

It seems to this column that any public body which has time to be posting out such missives probably needs to lose a bit of flab itself.

There’s a difference between pre-emptive action when it comes to obesity and creating a nanny state over a bit of puppy fat.

May we suggest it’s a difference the Orwellian-titled National Child Measurement Programme probably needs to re-examine.

FOR anyone who’s interested I’m officially underweight according to the Body Mass Index Chart.

You don’t care? Nope, neither do I, really.

MORE interesting is the news, revealed in The Star recently, that former Sheffield schoolgirl Sophie Moulin has won a prestigious scholarship at New York City’s Columbia University.

Congratulations to her, of course, but I couldn’t help notice the report said she would be following in the footsteps of Charles Kennedy and Sylvia Plath.

Let’s hope not too much – one quit his dream job amid allegations of alcoholism, the other stuck her head in the oven.

AS the hand wringing and soul searching in the aftermath of last week’s riots gets into full swing, at least Rotherham Council has attracted some praise. Sort of.

“Credit where it’s due,” writes one forum user. “Potential rioters in the town were thwarted by the council’s forward thinking which has ensured many of the shops are already empty.”