Labour recommends ‘IN’, why?

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Lord Rose, leader of the BSE campaign, admits being in the EU has enabled industry to maintain wage compression.

President Obama suggests we should stay in the EU, why?

Could it be that it is to do with his enthusiasm for TTIP which if brought in would open our NHS up to hideously expensive US medical care and allow US industry to take over large parts of the EU?

Another question, given all of the above to be accurate why would the Labour party, which is in parliament to represent the British workers, (in theory anyway), be supporting wage compression, cheap foreign labour at the expense of British workers and possible destruction of the NHS through TTIP by officially supporting the Britain Safer in Europe, (BSE), position?

Surely Labour should be fighting to get out of the EU as hard as it can, to do otherwise is a betrayal of Kier Hardy, its founding principals and generations of British workers.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP should justify his stance on staying ‘IN’.

The Labour party, CBI and the rest of the ‘Stay In’s’ have yet to reply truthfully to many legitimate questions regarding their stance.

Of course I don’t suppose they will ever dare to do so.

Terry Palmer

Hoyland, Barnsley, S74