Kids and road safety

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It is sad that there is no longer a search for Ben Needham but for his body.

For readers there is another picture, not of gypsies, strangers, a tranquil beach, but a house renovation and more sinister a machine that is on the move.

A few year ago I witnessed a man run out of his house and grab hold of a motorist for running into his son, thankfully the boy escaped with no injuries.

The boys father should have praised the car driver for going no more than 20mph, or his son would have been killed.

He was driving slow because of the pot holes in the road.

Today the road has been resurfaced and cars are doing in excess of 60mph on the road and yes the homes have gardens 50 yards long and the parents sling their children onto the pavement to play.

Parents are oblivious to the danger of traffic until it is to late and want to blame anyone but themselves for accidents waiting to happen.

A concerned motorist children and roads do not go together

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