Keystone Service should run buses

First bus company
First bus company
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First have really excelled themselves this weekend.

From 6am Saturday, to 8pm Sunday, First decided to suspend the 56 bus from running because of resurfacing work at Newfield Green.

It was diverted down Blackstock Road and up to Herdings Park but what about the rest of us who had to get to work and the old people who go shopping on a Saturday?

TM Travel who run the 252 use the same route as the 56 from the bottom of Hurlfield Hill but they diverted their route down Spotswood Road and then up Blackstock Road and on into town to help their passengers.

If they could help their passengers why couldn’t First?

Not everybody can walk down to or up from Blackstock Road.

It’s very hard for the older end.

First are a very poor substitute for a bus service and the 56 is the only service that runs on Leighton Road and up to Herdings Park.

I think it’s time for the Keystone Bus Service to take over from First, surely they cannot be any worse.

The Green Giant

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