Keep the city centre tidy

Sheffield Cathedral. Picture: Andrew Roe
Sheffield Cathedral. Picture: Andrew Roe
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On Sunday morning my wife and I decided to walk part of the elephant trail starting at the Cathedral.

What an absolute disgrace it is in the cathedral grounds – overflowing bins, fast-food containers, beer cans and any other rubbish the louts can throw about. Why weren’t the council cleaners out at 6.30am cleaning up before the public arrived?

Millions of pounds are being injected into the city to encourage 250,000 more visitors and the council can not keep it tidy.

You are never going to stop scumbags dropping rubbish but at least keep it clean around areas of interest.

I am 70 and have walked 50 per cent of the trail so far. It’s a great idea and we are helping the Children’s Hospital as well.

Graham Barnett

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